Nathan Owen / Chairman

Nate Owen is a Computer Science and Mathematics Major that is excited to present the ACM to the William and Mary community after a decade of dormancy. He loves programming, considers heroku black magic, and is Drum Corps aficionado. You can read more about Nate and his passions on his website, or perhaps pass unforgiving judgement on his code on github.

Dan Jelf / Vice Chairman

Dan Jelf is a Junior at William and Mary majoring in Computer Science. He worked at AidData over the summer as a software developer and continues to develop for them through a funded project named Guac. His interests include people, places, and things. The quickest way to his heart is via cookies.

Bery Montenegro / Secretary

Bery Montenegro is a junior at William and Mary and a Computer Science major, Linguistics minor interested in helping robots acquire language. When not debating Universal Grammar with linguistic professors, Bery plays around with app makers and music. You can find her watching Sci-Fi movies or sing Disney songs as she viciously attempts to finish programming projects on time. She’s most excited about making ACM a community for making friends and exploring new ideas.

Michelle Brown / Treasurer

Michelle Brown is a senior at the College studying computer science and finance. She is pursuing a career in software development after graduation, and has a particular interest in mobile development. Michelle is also a consultant in the computer science lab, and enjoys reading, running, and cooking in her free time.

Will Theuer / Public Relations Chair

Will Theuer is a senior who is majoring in Computer Science and Linguistics. He has participated in TribeHacks both years and attended ICPC last year. He is interested in Natural Language Processing and enjoys singing with several different music groups on campus.

Philip He / Webmaster

Philip He is a junior Computer Science major. He is interested in graphics, animations and media productions. He took internship at DreamWorks in the past summer. Besides academics, he enjoys watching and playing soccer.

Eryn Sawyer / Hack Committee Chair

Eryn is a senior studying computer science and mathematics. She enjoys reading about computers and programming them to do cool things. Aside from doing all of the computer things, she is a brother of Phi Sigma Pi and an avid coffee drinker.

Richard Bonett / Interview Preparation Chair

Richie is a junior studying Computer Science and espresso brewing. In addition to working on projects, he also likes to code for fun; check out his latest antics on GitHub. While he enjoys all things computer science, his main interests lie in software engineering research, cloud computing and quantum computing. You can read more about his technical interests on his website.

Jim Deverick / Faculty Advisor