Meg Anderson / Chair

Meg is a junior studying Computer Science and Biology here at the college. When she's not hanging out with ACM, you can find her in the bowels of McGlothlin Street helping intro computer science students as a consultant, or at the German house trying not to forgot how to Deutsch sprechen after her summer internship in Germany. Makes a killer crème brûlée.

Liz Weech / Vice Chair

Liz is a junior studying Computer Science and Physics. She is the firmware lead for TribeSat, W&M's satellite project, and gets really excited about anything space related. Milk is her beverage of choice, and she reached her peak when she met Buzz Aldrin at a conference in 2014.

AJ Marra / Secretary

AJ is a junior majoring in Computer Science and minoring in English. Aside from all things computers and programming, AJ enjoys reading, writing, playing soccer, and swimming. She is also a sister of Alpha Chi Omega and subsists off of coffee and sugar.

Wils McCreight / Treasurer

Wils McCreight is a senior majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Data Science at W&M. He loves all things music, and when he’s not coding apps for IOS you can catch him singing a cappella on the Wren Portico! His other interests include machine learning, dogs and caffeine.

Kayla Shirley / Public Relations Chair

Kayla is a senior pursuing a Bachelors in Computer Science with a minor in Russian & Post-Soviet Studies. When she’s not coding or studying in Swem, Kayla can most likely be found in the Russian House(она любит Русский Дом)! She also works at the Cohen Career Center as resident Webmaster/IT Assistant. Mains Dva and Moira in Overwatch.

Adam An / Webmaster

🙤      🙦

Adam gets the fancy bio because he made this page. He does full-stack webdev and linguistics. Find out more about him on his website.

🙥      🙧

Alex Fantine / Hack Committee Chair

Alex is a sophomore planning on majoring in Computer Science and possibly minoring in theatre. Aside from planning the Hackathon, you can usually catch him acting in some production at W&M or trying to think of a cool idea for a coding project. He also really likes Transformers, and is looking for someone to geek out about the Lost Light with!

Conrad Gehrki / Interview Preparation Chair

Conrad is a senior at the college studying computer science and math. Outside of classes, he likes to talk politics and pop culture with friends. His research interests center on virtualization and cloud security.

Richie Bonett / Graduate Student Liaison

Richie is a MS/PhD student advised by Dr. Denys Poshyvanyk. His primary research interests lie in Software Engineering, particularly in the development and evolution of mobile applications. You can read more about his work and technical interests on his website.

Jim Deverick / Faculty Advisor