Dan Jelf / Chairman

Dan Jelf is a Senior at William and Mary majoring in Computer Science. He worked at AidData over the summer as a software developer and continues to develop for them through a funded project named Guac. His interests include people, places, and things. The quickest way to his heart is via cookies.

Matthew Swartz / Vice Chairman

Matthew is a Computer Science and Math Major and Senior at the College. Mathew spends his time trying to convert Doppler photos into MIDI files and trying to incorporate graph theory into problems that don't need it. In his free time he enjoys playing board games and adding more monitors to his computer.

Bery Montenegro / Secretary

Bery Montenegro is a senior at William and Mary, a Computer Science major and Linguistics minor interested in helping robots acquire language. Bery plays around with app makers and music. You can find her watching Sci-Fi movies or singing Disney songs as she viciously attempts to finish programming projects on time. She’s most excited about ACM and hackathons this year.

Liz Weech / Treasurer

Liz is a sophomore studying Computer Science and Physics. She works part time as a software engineering intern at NASA Langley, and is involved with Professor Kiefer’s chemistry lab doing research on radiation shielding in deep-space environments. Milk is her beverage of choice, and she reached her peak when she met Buzz Aldrin at a conference in 2014.

Philip He / Public Relations Chair

Philip He is a senior Computer Science and Film and Media Studies major. He is interested in graphics, animations and media productions. He took internship at DreamWorks and is conducting Honors researches. Besides academics, he enjoys watching and playing soccer.

AJ Marra / Webmaster

AJ is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science and minoring in English. Aside from all things computers and programming, AJ enjoys reading, writing, playing soccer, and swimming. She is also a sister of Alpha Chi Omega and subsists off of coffee and sugar.

Meg Anderson / Hack Committee Chair

Meg Anderson is a sophomore at William and Mary double majoring in Computer Science and Biology. Meg splits her time between the computer lab and her biology research lab. She loves 3D printing and interned at 3D Herndon over the summer.

Cedar Ren / Interview Preparation Chair

Cedar is an aspiring CAMS major. He is interested in applying mathematical models to biology, computer science, and financial markets. Instead of pursuing those interests, he spends way too much time customizing his desktop environment. In 2017 he doubled his life's savings with cryptocurrencies, but only made about a hundred dollars. Will do anything for pizza, anything other than coding in Java.

Richie Bonett / Graduate Student Liaison

Richie is a MS/PhD student advised by Dr. Denys Poshyvanyk. His primary research interests lie in Software Engineering, particularly in the development and evolution of mobile applications. You can read more about his work and technical interests on his website.

Jim Deverick / Faculty Advisor