ACM Game Dev Projects

Here you can find the current proposed projects for Spring 2017's Game Dev workshops. If you'd like to participate, feel free to vote on your favorites!

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2D Multiplayer Fighting Game inspired by the iconic Samurai Jack vs the Shinobi Shadow Warrior scene. NinJam takes Darkness vs Light to the next level, using a full color palette paired with intuitive tools to mask players' locations and introduce a new dimension of stealth.

An AI Come of Age

Interactive story in which the player assumes the identity of an early AI. Gameplay consists primarily of making pivotal choices and realizing their consequences, similar to Buried. This project requires a significant amount of story writing compared to programming.

Quidditch VR

An imagination of Quidditch from the Harry Potter series, implemented for the HTC Vive. This concept has been explored before (Broomball) (Broomsticks), but has yet to be completed in a truly Harry Potter style.

Board Games

While many popular board games have been made into mobile or desktop games, many more have not (or have been poorly received). This project entails choosing a game and bringing it to the small screen, and hopefully integrating phone devices in a manner akin to the Jackbox Series.

First-person exploration game (walking simulator)

This game focuses on environment development and possibly puzzles, rather than detailed story or action. Possible horror overtone, but not necessarily. inspired by games such as Antichamber, Kairo, The Moon Sliver, etc.

Audio Explorer

A video game played entirely by sound, with commands given verbally and translated into in-game actions. It would play like an accessible classic text-adventure. More info.

I want to create a game accessible to those whose vision doesn't allow for "video" games. I imagine the game like a classic text adventure game, ("go north," "hit troll," etc.) but all of the commands are given by voice, and you navigate the game based on sound. It also offers the opportunity to play with surround sound features- what if you can hear the monster getting closer behind you? It could offer opportunities for jump scares if we wanted to take it in a horror direction. This idea is really similar to the "AI Coming of Age" game, but with a different technical challenge.